Mementos That Should Never Be Forgotten
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  • The bobbles (a.k.a. bobble heads) are a custom made six inch tall likeness of one of the many heroes and heroines who were Africans, African-Americans and their descendants, and people indigenous to the western hemisphere and their descendants.
  • The bobbles are body length figures and in attire (painted on the figure) appropriate to the character and the era in which the person lived.
  • The bobbles cost $29.95 each plus shipping.*
We are taking "pre-sales orders".  For us, this means there is no money being taken at this time. You join our email list and you will be notified when we are taking actual orders. So, please join our email list. When you join the list, shortly thereafter you will receive, via email, a token of our appreciation.
  • The t-shirts are white, custom made and designed, with an image or images of a hero or heroine.
  • The image on the front of the shirt is, depending on the size of the shirt, 10 to 11 inches tall and/or wide.
  • The person for whom the shirt is named, will have their years of birth and death on the front.
  • The back of each shirt has the name of the hero or heroine.
  • Brief bits of information about the person are also on the back.
  • The complete month, date, and year of the person's birth and death are also on the back.
  • The t-shirt sizes are small, medium, large, and extra large (2X).
  • The t-shirts cost $19.95 each plus shipping.*

Purchase Prices

* When we have orders for a specific number of the same type of t-shirt (60) or bobble head (300), then the prices are $29.95 (plus shipping) for bobble heads and $19.95 (plus shipping) for t-shirts.

The t-shirts and bobble heads can be ordered before a target number of prospective orders has been reached. However, if someone orders before the target number of t-shirt sales (60) has been reached, the price per shirt becomes $39.95. For bobble heads, the pre target number of sales (300) will be $50 per  bobble head. To keep abreast, you can send us a message. Better yet, join our email list.

The prospective orders that count toward the target number do not have to be from the same person, or group that works together, or relatives, or friends. The number or prospective orders can come from anywhere.

To make this happen, the t-shirts and bobble heads will be heavily and constantly marketed. Thus, it is important that you join our email list.